Speciality Programs:

Stop the regain! Learn  weight  maintenance skills for life!!
Learn how to eat and exercise to meet your personal fitness goals. Challenge self-defeating habits and negative or distorted attitudes about your body, diet, and exercise, while successfully replacing them with positive, healthy behaviors. Effectively manage stress and emotions so they no longer interfere with your wellbeing.

Weight loss Cogntive behavior therapy program.  Learn how to think and act like a thin person to help you shed pounds.
Learn how to think and face life challenges like a thin person. Most weight loss programs focus on only what you eat and how much you exercise but fail to teach you how to CHANGE  self-defeating habits and  distorted attitudes about your body, food, and exercise. This program teachese you how to successfully replace bad habits with positive, healthy behaviors. effectively manage stress and emotions so they no longer interfere with your wellbeing.

Lifestyle programs for New Moms
We know you are taking great care of the baby, but let’s not forget about you! You’ve spent 10 long months out of full commission, so let’s get you back in shape. Or if you were not in shape before, now is a great time to make a true lifestyle transition.

Programs for Executive Men
Men, like women, have special needs. A healthy, strong, vibrant image is important to maintain in today's global business world. We take into consideration the different approaches and attitudes males have towards managing food, exercise, and their image. We focus on developing habits for a healthy lifestyle at home, the office, or on business outings. We offer image consulting services, if you are looking to tweak or revamp your professional and personal image to stay looking sharp.

 Programs for Couples
Who you spend time with has a strong impact on your health habits including food, exercise, sleep and sex. Learn how to positively influence each other and create a healthy lifestyle together that is support and vibrant!

Programs for Chronic Medical Concerns
We specialize in the lifestyle and mood challenges that can come along with chronic disease diagnoses, including but not limited to Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Injuries, Chronic Fatigue, and Food Allergies.